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Workshops. It's live learning.

Connect skill learning to greater opportunities. Influence your Mentor match scores in careers you care about.

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workshops its live learning
live instructed session Live instructed session

Learn the skills the instructor used in their role

complete a task assignment Complete a task assignment

Instructors provide a task to allow you to get hands-on experience

get a rating and feedback Get a rating and feedback

Instructors review, rate, and provide feedback (via comment) on your achievement

Skyrocket your skill marketability.

Build the skills employers need and be discovered.

crush your skill gaps
Crush your skill gaps.

Talentsky makes it easy to discover relevant Workshops based upon your interests and skill gaps.

Find what you need.

Filter by role, instructor, skill, organization, or internal (only visible to your organization’s badge holders).

See what’s trending.

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill by taking a top 10 Workshop. Or view the most helpful instructors and take their Workshops.

Sign up for Workshops. Connect and receive personalized feedback from instructors.
Become the best of you.
Know which Mentors' match scores will be influenced by taking the Workshop. Watch the Workshop preview video, read about the assignment, see reviews, and view upcoming dates.
become the best of you
post what youve learned
post what you learn
Post what you’ve learned.
Workshops require attendees to do an assignment the instructor chooses. Do the work and post how you applied your learning to get credit and skill ratings.
Be seen. Get recognition.
Receive kudos, feedback, and credit for the skills you’ve learned. You deserve it.
be seen get recognition
connect learning to skills
learning skill gaps
You’re movin’ on up.
As you connect learning to your skill gaps, you will be discovered for your talent and not just a job title. Be a strong representation of someone a Mentor would recruit.
Instructor qualifications
active mentor to others
Active Mentor to others

A complete profile with five rated achievements in a public Mentor page.

rated work by peers
Rated work by peers

To share work achievements and the associated skills, Mentors must get two or more colleagues to rate their work

post often post relevant
Post often, post relevant

In order to keep or improve skill mastery, Mentors post relevant work achievements frequently

verified organization email
Verified organization email

Mentors with a badge must confirm their organization email, i.e.

Earn income as a Workshop instructor.
Learn more →
Earn income as a Workshop instructor. Learn more →
earn income as a workshop instructor