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sara baack talentsky

Sara Baack

BOD, Splunk

jason beuchel talentsky

Jason Beuchel

CEO, Whole Foods

joe blackstone talentsky

Joe Blackstone

CEO, Blackstone Consulting

john bowmer talentsky

John Bowmer

Former CEO, Adecco

eric brown talentsky

Eric Brown

Former CFO, Informatica

john seely brown talentsky

John Seely Brown

Former Chief Scientist, Xerox

doug dannerline talentsky

Doug Dennerline

CEO, Betterworks

david dobson talentsky

David Dobson

CEO, Epiq

katherine dunlevie talentsky

Katherine Dunlevie

Managing Director, Synovus Family Office

carl eschenbach talentsky

Carl Eschenbach

Co-CEO, Workday

gary flake talentsky

Gary Flake

Former CTO Search & Data Science, Salesforce

steve garnett talentsky

Steve Garnett

Former Chairman EMEA, Salesforce

rich geraffotalentsky

Rich Geraffo

VP NA Sales, AWS

steve gillet talentsky

Steve Gillett

CEO, Verify

ken goldman talentsky

Ken Goldman

Former CFO, Yahoo!

tom gorman alentsky

Tom Gorman

BOD, Alcoa

mohan gyani alentsky

Mohan Gyani

Former CEO, AT&T Wireless

wendy harrington talentsky

Wendy Harrington

Chief AI Officer, TIAA

paul hazen talentsky

Paul Hazen

Former CEO, Wells Fargo

jerry held alentsky

Jerry Held

BOD, Netapp

tom hogan talentsky

Tom Hogan

Former Managing Director, Vista Equity Partners

endre holen talentsky

Endre Holen

Former Director, McKinsey & Co

renee james talentsky

Renée James

CEO, Ampere

kurt jaggers alentsky

Kurt Jaggers

Senior Advisor, TA Associates

mike lawrie talentsky

Mike Lawrie

Former CEO, DXC Technology

ratnakar Lavu talentsky

Ratnakar Lavu

Chief Digital Officer, Nike

steve lucas talentsky

Steve Lucas

CEO, Boomi

charles meyers talentsky

Charles Meyers

CEO, Equinix

edzard overbeektalentsky

Edzard Overbeek

CEO, Here Technologies

ron pasek talentsky

Ron Pasek

Former CFO, Net App

Toby Redshaw talentsky

Toby Redshaw

Former SVP, Innovation Verizon

Derica rice talentsky

Derica Rice

Board of Directors, Disney

walter robb talentsky

Walter Robb

Former CEO, Whole Foods

kevin rollins talentsky

Kevin Rollins

Former CEO, Dell

george shaheen talentsky

George Shaheen

Former CEO, Accenture

john shrewsberry talentsky

John Shrewsberry

Former President, Wells Fargo Securities

john solomon talentsky

John Solomon

VP GM, Chrome Google

jim steele talentsky

Jim Steele

President, Global Strategic Customers at Salesforce

bill stein talentsky

Bill Stein

Former CEO, Digital Reality

mark sunday talentsky

Mark Sunday

Former SVP & CIO, Oracle Corp

john swainson talentsky

John Swainson

Chairman, Travelport

bob swan talentsky

Bob Swan

Former CEO, Intel

gene sykes talentsky

Gene Sykes

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

keith taylor talentsky

Keith Taylor

CFO, Equinix

paul wahltalentsky

Paul Wahl

Former COO, Siebel

adam warby talentsky

Adam Warby

Former CEO, Avanade

 james d white talentsky

James D. White

Chairman of The Honest Company

ed zander talentsky

Ed Zander

Former CEO, Motorola

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Doug Merritt, Former President, CEO & Board Member at Splunk

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