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Board Member Relations
Skills: Board of Directors, Senior Level Executives, Corporate Law, Organizational Performance Management, Investor Communications
Feb 29 at 6:00am
Heather Hiles
Member, Board of Directors at Udemy, Inc.
Led Organizational Change Initiative
Skills: Leading Change, Organizational Development, Business Process Improvement, Change Management, Organizational Change Management
Mar 20 at 12:45pm
Laura Sewell
Chief People Officer at Avanade
Direct financial operations
Skills: Marketing, Retail Industry, Online Marketing, Partner Sales, Sales Operations
Mar 20 at 10:00am
Rossann Williams
Former EVP, President NA Retail at Starbucks
Developed Diversity Recruiting Program
Skills: Employee Training, Workforce Planning, Learning & Development, Employee Development, Organizational Change Management
Mar 15 at 12:45pm
Laura Sewell
Chief People Officer at Avanade
Developed Employee Training Curriculum
Skills: Workforce Planning, Strategic Planning, Mission Analysis, Business Requirements Analysis
Mar 14 at 11:00am
Laura Sewell
Chief People Officer at Avanade
Video Ad Development
Skills: Digital Animation, Video Production, Online Advertising
Feb 29 at 6:30am
Rick Devine
CEO at Talentsky, Inc.
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Kevin Johnson, Former CEO of Starbucks

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Higor Nascimento

Head of Operations at Westgard Capital

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Glenn Pfautsch

Technical Writer at Juniper Networks

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Nick Mazza

Director of Marketing at Talentsky

Follow Nick →

Ricardo Anzaldua

Lead, Corporate Development at Zoom

Follow Ricardo →


Kameron Bertine

Director, Design and Success at Talentsky

Follow Kameron →

Nancy Shah

Sr Field Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks

Follow Nancy →

William Summerhill

Sales and Sales Engineering Enablement at Snowflake

Follow William →

David Shirk

Executive Chairman at BW Events Tech

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David Han

Back End Software Engineer at Talentsky

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Pek Pongpaet

CEO at Impekable

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Will Barnett

Senior Manager, Technical Recruiting at Meta

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Christian Dick

Director, Learning and Development at IBM

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Nick Steinhilber

Cofounder and CEO at NodeSet LLC

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John Shrewsberry

Chief Financial Officer at Goodleap

Follow John →

Michael Adick

Managing Director at Totuba

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Justin Kempton

Director Front End Engineering at Talentsky

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qianwen chen

Advisor, Influencer Marketing Strategy at Collegiate Influencer Marketing Systems, Inc.

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Gareth Flynn

Chief Executive Officer at TQSolutions

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Erick Garza

Intern at Evenlyn Edwards PLLC

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Andi King

Facilitator at Baker Communications, Inc.

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Russ Aldrich

Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Pontem Advisors

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Kenneth Chan

Managing Principal at Westgard Capital

Follow Kenneth →

Michael Fang

Cofounder and CEO at BASE10 Genetics, Inc.

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Johanna Lobo

VP Business Operations at Talentsky

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George Phan

Campaign Operations Analyst at Juniper Networks

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Rizwan Ahmed

Vice President, Engineering at Talentsky

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Andre Dome

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Software at Talentsky

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Tom Rogers

Senior Advisor at Stratum Zero

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Alana Deluty

User Success Manager at Talentsky

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Ezekiel Roddy

Manager at Snowflake

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Niko Zivanovich

Director, Cyber Defense & Threat Intelligence at Converge Technology Solutions

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Mark Miller

Executive Advisor to CEO at Seal For Life

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Egbert Veldhuis

Sr Field Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks

Follow Egbert →

Donna Kimmel

Chief People Officer at Citrix Systems, Inc.

Follow Donna →

Arun Gandhi

Product Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks

Follow Arun →

Rossann Williams

EVP, President North America Retail at Starbucks Corporation

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Jeffrey Jones

Principal Sales Consultant at Salesforce

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Ling Hsieh

Director, Quality Assurance - Software at Talentsky

Follow Ling →

Jean-Séraphin Ky

Senior Director, EMEA Technical Support at Snowflake

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Michal Zielinski

Director of Software Engineering at Talentsky

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Misty Hill

Athletic Coach at SemperFit

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Sally Bakhuizen

Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks

Follow Sally →


Michael Tollison

Functional Fitness and Weightlifting Coach at SemperFit

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David Wipper

Operations Director at Collegiate Influencer Marketing Systems, Inc.

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Kerry Trevino

Partner and Distribution Marketing Lead - Americas at Juniper Networks

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Brian Forstat

Front-End Engineer at Talentsky

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Skip Roncal

CEO at Collegiate Influencer Marketing Systems, Inc.

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Kerry Cox

Technical Curriculum Developer at Juniper Networks

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Anston Lobo

Engineering Program Manager at Apple Inc.

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Satya Dasara

Data Science Engineer at Talentsky

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