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Be recognized for the skills you know through community validation, helping employers transform their hiring process, strengthen their workforce, and easily source skilled-talent.

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Skill transparency helps everyone


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Achievements tell your
skill story

In less than 60 seconds, we translate your achievements into standardized skills.

As you work, let’s celebrate your achievements as a post to your followers and make your profile come to life to tell your skill story.

Fair and unbiased
skill ratings

To help you get feedback and credit for your work, we created a new approach!

Tag colleagues to provide instant feedback on your achievements. The more you post, the more refined and true your profile becomes.


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A social media experience for
sharing skill knowledge

People who do the work share the responsibilities and skills needed for success for followers to compare.

Rather than job ads, promote community following to reduce recruiting costs while helping everyone.

Advocate a culture of we see you!

Make opportunity equal for everyone by sharing the skills needed as future work is impacted by digital transformation.

Talentsky gives people a chance to be seen for what they know – not just their titles.


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Connecting learning to jobs

Connecting the experts motivated to teach work tasks and skills to people who need to learn.

Browse careers of interest and we’ll suggest the right instructor. Complete the workshop and boost your skills!

Earn money teaching the skills you love

People with validated skills can create a workshop and monetize their expertise while helping others.

Instructors choose the task and skills they know, set the price and instruct a live workshop powered by Zoom.

I am now recognized for what I know
– not just my title.

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