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Be discovered for
the skills you know

And not just a résumé

Show me skilled mentors

Be discovered for the skills you know

And not just a résumé

Show me skilled mentors

What prominent leaders have to say

Our future depends on supporting this next generation of talent. Talentsky turns a workforce into skill mentors that both teach and inspire talented people to build skills and pursue dreams.

Kevin Johnson

CEO at Starbucks Corporation

More than ever employers and people need skill insights to better connect. Talentsky has created a new social platform that is free for anyone to use and can solve the skills gap crisis.

Gabrielle Toledano

Chief Operating Officer at Keystone Strategy

Employment access should be data driven and fair to all who participate. Talentsky leverages data science and a compelling consumer experience to power skill data for our future.

Doug Merritt

President, CEO & Board member at Splunk

What makes a Skill Mentor qualified

Verified organization email

Mentors with a badge must confirm their organization email, i.e., on a regular basis

Rated skills by colleagues

To share work achievements and associated skills, mentors must get two or more colleagues to rate their work

Post often, post relevant

To keep or improve skill mastery, mentors post relevant work achievements frequently

Simple steps to get started

Complete the steps to be discovered for what you know

Share what you know

Sign up and complete the onboarding process by posting your first work achievement and skills. After, personalize your profile to stand out from the crowd.

Get your work rated

Invite two or more colleagues to rate your achievement posts so your skills are verified. This is vital as skill ratings are necessary to compare yourself to Skill Mentors as well as for your skills to appear in your profile.

See how you match up

Once you’ve completed the steps, start comparing what you know to Skill Mentors! Following mentors and organizations with Skill Mentors makes you discoverable. Spend less time applying for jobs and more time sharing what you know.

Ready to find your career footing?

Get the guidance you need

Get Started

Ready to find your career footing?

Get the guidance you need

Get Started

Frequently asked questions

What’s the sign up and onboarding process like?

After signing up, you’ll verify your email then onboard by adding your current job and posting your first work achievement – it’s super easy and takes less than 2 minutes!

How long will it take for me to starting comparing my skills?

Once your achievements have been rated by two or more colleagues that know of your great work, you can start comparing yourself to Skill Mentors. We’ll handle the rest by suggesting your best matches.

Should I sign up now or wait until Skill Mentors is live?

Get steps ahead of others by quickly onboarding, personalizing your profile, and posting work achievements so you’ll match to Skill Mentors when it’s launched!

Can I become a Skill Mentor?

Absolutely! Anyone with a complete profile and five rated achievements can become a Skill Mentor to help, guide, and inspire others to learn the skills needed for success in your career.

What's an achievement?

We make it easy to share what you know through the context of a work achievement and its associated skills. We believe skills are the building blocks of your work knowledge.