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Data Analytics Manager, Couchbase

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MRICS MCInstCES MSc, Linesight

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Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper Networks

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Former Wealth Management Intern, Morgan Stanley

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Principal Sales Consultant, Salesforce

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Student Athlete, George Washington University

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Product & UX Lead, Talentsky

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SVP, Corporate and Business Development, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, GoPro

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VP, Business Operations at Talentsky

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Engineer, Investor, Innovator @ Uncommon Impact Ventures, LLC

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Data Science Analyst, Talentsky Follow Alana →

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Boost career discovery.
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Talentsky is passionately improving on how we can provide more inclusion to help people be recognized for their skills and work – not just a résumé. We believe we can create a world with more diversity and equality in the workforce.

Standardizing skills on an open platform helps everyone and moves the employment system forward.

Gabrielle Toledano, Former CHRO at Tesla

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