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A revolutionary new social platform that makes it as easy to commicate validated skills as posting on Facebook.

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Discover careers through Mentors
See what people in professions you care about are doing. Match your skills to theirs, find and close skill gaps and watch your career match scores change.
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Become a Mentor.
Help others understand what you do in your career. Inspire followers to up-skill and grow beyond their role.
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Boost career discovery.
Drive employee engagement through enabling career discovery and improve retention.
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Find skilled talent.
Quickly source the talent you need by leveraging your employees' Mentor page following.
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Talentsky is a social network for
As you share your work activity, it posts to your Talentsky news feed for your followers to see what you achieved, how you did it, and the skills you used.
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Mentor verification open to all.

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Available Q2 '22
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Supercharge skills with Workshops.
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Ready to find your career footing?

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Ready to find your career footing?

Get the guidance you need following Mentors

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