Workshop FAQ

What are Workshops?

Anyone on Talentsky that has reached Mentor status can teach their public shared Achievements and associated skills in live, small-group, online sessions powered by Zoom and integrated into the Talentsky Workshop experience. All Workshops are 1 hour long and can have up to 10 attendees. Workshops cost $60 per attendee before any discounts and can be offered for free by an instructor with an Enterprise Mentor Premium license.

When can I start instructing?

Any user with a Mentor Page and shared Achievements can conduct a Workshop based on the Achievement’s aggregate (average) skill rating or any level below. For example, an Achievement with an aggregate rating of Advanced may be instructed at Advanced, Progressing, or Apprentice level.

How do I know what to teach?

Talentsky suggests Workshop topics with the greatest impact on your followers' up-skilling and financial impact on your teaching business. Posting more rated Achievements and growing your following improves our suggestions and enhances your earning potential.

Who can register for my Workshop?

Any user can register for a Workshop if their aggregate (average) skill rating is equal to or one level below the Workshop skills. For example, if a Workshop is being taught at Advanced and the user’s aggregate skill rating of the associated skills is Progressing, they are qualified to register. If the user’s aggregate rating is Apprentice, they will not be able to register until they have upskilled to Progressing or Advanced level.

What if the user is overskilled?

If a user has aggregate skills scores that are one level or more above the Workshop skills, they are overqualified for that particular Workshop and will not be able to register.

When can Workshops be scheduled?

Workshops can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. If a scheduled Workshop has no registration up to the scheduled start time, Talentsky will cancel the Workshop and remove it from Main view; All canceled and completed workshops will still appear on the Instructor’s profile and Mentor Page, and can be relisted with a future date.

What happens if there are no attendees?

If a Workshop does not have registered attendees, Talentsky will cancel the scheduled time and the Workshop will appear in Your Workshops as Talentsky Canceled.

What if an Instructor is late?

Instructors must start the Workshop at the scheduled time and will be provided a grace period of 10 minutes before the Workshop will be canceled by Talentsky. If canceled, any paying registered attendees will be refunded and the Workshop will appear as Talentsky Canceled in Your Workshops and within the attendee’s Attendance tab.

What if an instructor goes over 1 hour?

All Workshops are 1 hour in duration but Talentsky provides a grace period of an additional 10 minutes before ending a Workshop and considering it completed.

What if the instructor leaves early?

The instructor has the discretion to end the Workshop anytime up to the scheduled one hour. Workshops ended early will still be considered completed by attendees at the end of the scheduled time.

Can the instructor remove an attendee?

The instructor has the discretion to remove any registered attendee if they believe that user is violating the Code of Conduct. Any removed users will be considered to have completed the Workshop and can view the recording, as well as post the Workshop Achievement.

What if the Instructor deletes their account?

If an Instructor wishes to deactivate their account and has active Workshops, they are required to first cancel those Workshops. If there are pending Workshop payouts, the instructor must wait until those are paid before deactivation. Upon deactivation, Talentsky will maintain access to the prior Workshop recording for registered attendees for one year from completion.

When can the instructor cancel?

The instructor is able to cancel their Workshop up to 10 minutes past the scheduled start time. If canceled, any paying registered attendees will be sent an email and notification that they will be refunded within 10 business days.

When can a registered user cancel?

Registered attendees can cancel a Workshop anytime up to the scheduled start time for a full refund. Refunds are paid within 10 business days.

What if a registered attendee is late?

Attendees must join the Workshop at the scheduled time and may be up to 10 minutes late or access is blocked. These Workshop will not be refunded and the user will be listed under Attendance as No Show, but the user will have access to the Workshop recording.

What happens if the attendee loses internet connectivity?

If an attendee loses interest connectivity during the Workshop they will be allowed to rejoin from the Workshop page.

What happens if the instructor loses internet connectivity?

If the instructor loses Zoom connectivity they can rejoin from the Workshop page.

How do Instructors get paid?

Within 10 days of completion, Talentsky will remit to the Instructor 80% of the total registration net of any dispute reductions and paid through PayPal. As an example, if a Workshop has 5 attendees who paid $60 each, the total registration is $300 and the Instructor would be paid $240.

Can Workshop be discounted or offered for free?

If the Instructor has a blue verified organization badge, they can offer a 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50% discount to anyone with a matching badge. If the Instructor has an Enterprise Premium license, they can offer the Workshop for free to either internal or external users.

Are Workshops Recorded?

Yes, all workshops are recorded. Workshop recordings include video, audio and group chat, and will be available for playback by instructor and attendees for one year, in accordance with Talentsky's Workshop Terms. Instructors and registered attendees may turn off their own camera or mic during a Workshop.

Can the instructor delete a Workshop?

An instructor can delete a Draft Workshop or Published Workshops with no scheduled date or prior activity.

What if the Instructor loses a badge for a scheduled Workshop?

If the instructor loses their Org badge before the scheduled time of a Workshop set to Internal visibility, or created with a badge holder discount, Talentsky will cancel the Workshop, notify users and refund any paid attendees.

What happens if an attendee loses their badge and has active registrations?

If an attendee loses their badge that is associated with a free or paid Workshop that requires that badge, they will become unregistered.

What if the Instructor loses a badge for an unscheduled internal Workshop?

Talentsky will hide the Workshop from their view until/if the user is able to verify their org badge.

Is there a Code of Conduct for Instructors and Attendees?

Yes. Talentsky’s Code of Conduct applies to all content published by all users on Talentsky, including but not limited to Achievements, Workshops, comments, private messages, profiles and mentor pages.

How do we resolve complaints?

Attendees may submit a complaint to and request a Workshop refund within 24 hours of completion and will be assessed on a case by case basis in Talentsky’s sole discretion. In the event Talentsky determines a user is entitled to a refund, the Workshop will be listed as Canceled and the instructor will not be paid for that registration.