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Make bank. Instruct Workshops.

Go beyond being a Mentor. Teach your followers the skills you know. Help them create a path towards greater opportunity in live, online Workshops powered by Zoom.

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Make Bank. Instruct Workshops
Earn for what you know Earn for what you know

The more you post rated achievements on your Mentor page, the more qualified you’ll be to instruct.

Work wherever, whenever Work wherever, whenever

Create a schedule that fits best into your lifestyle.

Build an audience Build an audience

The greater your Mentor page following, the more insights you will have on what to instruct.

Teach Workshops based on your shared Mentor page achievements.
Make money doing good. Help followers up-skill.
Make money doing good
See your potential earnings
Invite followers fast
See your potential earnings.
When creating your Workshop, we’ll intelligently suggest a skill level and a price, making it more relevant to your followers.
Invite your Mentor page followers in-app or share it via Facebook, Twitter, or copy/paste the link. Any skill-qualified person with a Talentsky profile can take your Workshop.
Become an instructor
Become an instructor
Stay on top of your game.

Everything you need to manage your Workshops, from number of saves, upcoming / past / canceled schedule, list of attendees, reviews, analytics, and attendees that need their Workshop assignment rated.

Provide feedback
And provide feedback.
Talentsky provide feedback
See game-changing Workshop data in the Analytics tab.
Manage your learning business.
View the success of your Workshops over time. Visualize your growth and reach.
Manage your learning business
Understand your performance from reviews.
Understand your performance from reviews
Be the best. Outshine instructors.
See how your Workshops stack up against other instructors with the same role.
Outshine instructors
Up-skill with live instructed Workshops.
Learn more →
Up-skill with live instructed Workshops. Learn more →
Upskill with live workshops